As a brand, Maxibon sits in that rarefied air which borders on almost cult-like devotion. So when the opportunity came up to utlise the growing capabilities of Instagram's Augmented Reality lenses, we had to oblige our chocolatey overlord!
We created 2 lenses based on a highly detailed, custom made 3D model. The first lens #Freethebon, was perfectly timed to coincide with COVID restrictions easing. As more Australians left the house for exercise and fresh air, we invited them to plonk our hovering, spinning Maxibon out in the wild. Users could drop it anywhere they were - in the park, at the snow, on the beach. It could be 1 foot tall or as big as a skyscraper. 
Our second lens #Bethebon captalised on the selfie-loving nature of the 'Gram, by placing the bon right on the user's face. It tracked the movement in real time, creating some hilarious UGC.
We live in a pretty crazy time. Done right, you can literally have an audience put your brand on their face and freely promote to their network- so we did. Some nifty social videos were created to help drive traffic, resulting in over 20,000 individual pieces of user generated content.
All hail Maxibon!
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